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What is willingness to pay in cost benefit analysis context?

Cost benefit Analysis is a evaluative technique used to help facilitate efficient decision making. CBA involves identifying all benefits and costs and quantifying them to comp (MORE)

Advantages and disadvantages of cost benefit analysis?

The advantages of cost benefit analysis include being useful for  making decisions, easy to see where to start with a project, forces  data presentation for arguments, usefu (MORE)

Who created the Benefit Cost Analysis?

The concept of cost-benefit analysis dates back to an 1848 article by Jules Dupuit and was formalised in subsequent works by Alfred Marshall.
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Types of Cost-benefit analysis methods?

One type of cost-benefit analysis is cost minimization. This is  where one determines the least costly alternative. Cost-of-illness  analysis takes the economic impact of il (MORE)

Why is it important to consider marginal benefits and costs you do a cost benefit analysis?

Marginal cost at each level of production includes any additional costs required to produce the next unit. If producing extra vehicles requires building a new factory, the mar (MORE)
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What is true of decisions made using cost-benefit analysis?

The best decision results in the most benefits with the fewest costs. The best decision results in the most benefits with the fewest cost The best decision results in the most (MORE)