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Difference between pay per click and pay per impression?

With Pay Per Click (PPC) the advertiser pays when a user clicks on the ad. With Pay Per Impression the advertiser pays each time the ad is displayed to a user. Rates are typ (MORE)

What is the cost of radium per 100g?

There is no standard market price per gram of radium at this time, all extractions are done by special order so prices would have to be individually negotiated. The most recen (MORE)
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How can impress?

we always want to try to put her happy but not to much that she feel uncomfartabel
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What is cost per occupied room?

The actual cost per room per day for laundry products - for  example, if a motel/hotel spends $600.00 a month for laundry  products, and it was a 30 day month, the cost per (MORE)

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What is LEGO's cost per unit?

Lego's cost per unit is about 5 USD. Lego's price per unit depends on how large the unit is. If it is large it may cost 5.50 USD. But the average is about 5 USD.
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What is the cost of biomass per watt?

The cost is free, the energy comes from the Sun (trapped by  plants). However, the price of biomass (what you have to pay for  it) is not fixed and varies from country to co (MORE)