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What is a cottage?

A cottage is basically a cabin but sometimes to can own a cabin or a cottage. A cottage is a bigger version of a cabin. I have a cottage that is in Manitoba. A cottage is a mo (MORE)

What is a word for cottage?

synonyms: bungalow, cabana, cabin, caboose, camp, carriage house, chalet, cot, home, hut, lean-to, lodge, ranch, shack, shanty, small house
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What is a tied cottage?

A tied cottage is housing provided by an employer to an employee, typically at no or minimal rent, i.e., the housing is "tied" to the employment. The term is usually used in c (MORE)
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What is cottage ham?

In the UK it is a name that tends to be attached to a more traditional (whatever that means) ham. Often coated in breadcrumbs and left on the bone, cured longer. It has no pre (MORE)

What is a synonym for cottage?

the synonyms for cottage is box , bungalow, cabana, cabin, caboose, camp , carriage house, chalet, cot, home , hut, lean-to, lodge , ranch, shack, shanty, small house, ber (MORE)

What is a gay cottage?

Cottage is a word used in Britain for a public toilet. Sometimes gay men meet other men there and invite them home for tea and crumpet.
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Is cottages an adjective?

No, it is not. It is a noun, the plural of the noun cottage (smallhouse).
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