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What is a tied cottage?

  A tied cottage is housing provided by an employer to an employee, typically at no or minimal rent, i.e., the housing is "tied" to the employment. The term is usually use (MORE)

What is in cottage cheese?

Cottage cheese is a simple cheese made from milk with an additive to curdle it - i.e., to make curds and whey. It contains milk, possibly buttermilk as well, and rennet. There (MORE)
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How do you get to bill's cottage in soul silver?

Well u get to cerealen city the one where mistys the gym leader. You go across the bridge and you beat all those guys to the right and keep going and there it is but Bill will (MORE)

What is a cottage?

A cottage is basically a cabin but sometimes to can own a cabin or a cottage. A cottage is a bigger version of a cabin. I have a cottage that is in Manitoba. A cottage is a mo (MORE)

What is a medieval cottager?

A cottager is a medieval peasant who held a house, i.e. a cottage, thus the name, and "toft and croft", meaning a barnyard enclosure of outbuildings where some animals would h (MORE)

Cottage in Harvest Moon DS?

There is the possibility to get a cottage on Harvest Moon DS, but you need in the region 9999999999 in your inventory. Now you may be thinking, how am i going to get that amou (MORE)

What were the cottages like in medieval?

Cottages were the homes of serfs and cottars. They were very simple and usually consisted of a single room, though there might have been a loft. They were built of stone or wa (MORE)