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Is a duck a duck a mammal?

No, a duck is a bird just like a sparrow, seagull or a penguin. Mammals are animals that raise their young on milk. This milk is produced by the offspring's mother. A bird's w (MORE)
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What are the rules to duck duck goose?

there are no rules "set in stone" for this game seeing how old it is (it goes back over 200 years!). However, also known as "Duck Duck Gray Duck", the game is typically played (MORE)
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How do you get a duck?

You can get a duck by going to your local feed store and just buying a duckling. they are not very expensive and they make great pets if you want that much responsibility. I l (MORE)
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Will a duck eat a baby duck?

NO. Ducks are not meat-eaters. They eat mostly things like grass. But they do fight with each other.
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Do ducks mate with other ducks?

yes ... that's the way you get baby ducks.   The different breeds of ducks are pretty distinct. That's what all the pretty plumage is about. It makes sure that the separate (MORE)
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Do ducks drown other ducks?

Not usually, but this does happen on occasion in the wild. When a female duck has come to the point in her yearly molt when she loses her primary flight feathers, she looses t (MORE)

Can you use any type of cotton duck or linen to stretch a canvas for oil painting?

These sites are the best I found that can explain the difference between the two materials, and what would be the best to use.. (MORE)
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Your ducks are fighting with new duck?

With ducks there is always a pecking order or who is top duck. They do fight with each other. If one duck is being picked on and it is in your own flock than it is best to fen (MORE)