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Do Giraffes cough?

Male giraffes cough when calling to a female giraffe for mating. Scientists are still learning about the ways giraffe communicate.
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Why is coughing good?

Its usually good because it kills bacteria that's in your lungs. Other reasons are if you have water mucus or any other kind of substance in the lungs it can try to get it out (MORE)
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Can you die from coughing?

There cut the old one down Here No You can die from being sick but not from coughing
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Why do you cough when you eat?

You're probably talking about choking. Choking appears when an object goes down the wrong tube. You see, your esophagus and bronchular tube cross. Normally, when you're eating (MORE)

Why is coughing important?

Coughing is a response to a blockage in either the throat, trachea, or lungs, which is blocking proper airflow (i.e. preventing you from breathing sufficiently). Coughing is (MORE)

Why do smokers cough?

When you go through periods of not smoking, like when you're  sleeping at night, your damaged cilia can't move the phlegm up to  your throat where you can swallow it. Smokin (MORE)
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How do you get whooping cough?

Whooping cough(or pertussis) is caused by a bacteria called Bordetella pertussis. When an infected person coughes or sneezes, the bacteria moves through the air. This is the r (MORE)

Why do you keep coughing?

The cillia cells in your throat are clogged up in some way and so your body tries to free them. It ends up in a cough, which is just another sign that your body is working We (MORE)
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Can you catch a cough?

Coughing does not have to be contagious (catching). Coughing is a reflex to an irritant in the bronchial tubes, causing spasms. There are many causes for coughing, however, mo (MORE)