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How can you fight a cough?

Ways to Fight a Cold . If the cough has lasted more than 3 - 4 days and is deep within the chest please see your doctor. You don't want to get Bronchitis, Pneumonia or a si (MORE)

Why are you coughing?

Coughing is usually a sign that the body wants to get rid ofsomething. It can also mean an infection or other condition. If itdoes not go away, it should be checked by a physi (MORE)
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What kind of cough is an asthma cough?

An Asthma cough is not an ordinary cough. If you have the sickness asthma your cough will be real bad sometimes.I deal with it all the time.It is non stop sometime and other t (MORE)

Why is a cough called a cough?

Simply put, because it sounds like what it is: that's called "onomatopoeic". "Cough" comes from Old English, first recorded in the early 14th century. See the related link (MORE)

What do you do when you have a cough?

eat vitamin c powder than it will be better... You should first cover your mouth to stop the germs from spreading around the air and infecting others. Then, make sure you d (MORE)

Do you cough if you have AID's?

yeah an aids patient may cough due to week immune system. they are easily caught by various diseases as the AIDS virus makes our wbcs unable to fight against entering diseases (MORE)

Do bloodhounds cough?

Like all dogs bloodhounds might gag if they pull on their collar too much while going for a walk. If this is happening, I suggest you get your dog a harness. There is also a s (MORE)
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Why am i coughing?

You may be coughing for a number of reasons, such as smoking,allergies, something caught in your throat, or an illness. To findout the reason you may be, please see a doctor.