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What is Arabic counting?

1-100 :) wahid ethnen thalatha arba'a khamsa sitta saba'a thamanya tesa'a ashara ehdash ethnash thalath'tash arbatash khamstash sittash sabtash thamantash tesatash eshreen wa (MORE)

Count in multimeter?

  The "count" of a multimeter refers to how large a number it can display before it has to change measurement ranges, and how many digits it shows total. This affects how (MORE)

How to count atoms?

Counting atoms is easy. Within the formula are chemical symbols. Each symbol represents the presence of an atom of a specific element within the compound or molecule (not the (MORE)

What is least count?

Smallest value of a physical quantity which can be measured  accurately by an instrument is called least count
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What counts as an at bat?

  A batter's plate appearance counts as an at-bat unless   * he hits a sacrifice bunt or sacrifice fly,  * he receives a base on balls,  * he is hit by a pitch, or (MORE)

How do you count in Samoan?

1: Tasi   2: Lua   3: Tolu   4: Fa   5: Lima   6: Ono   7: Fitu   8: Valu   9: Iva   10: Sefulu    20: Lua sefulu   21: Lua sefu (MORE)
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When does a counting end?

beleve it or not it never ends. it goes on and on and on til it reaches infinity whitch means never ending
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Can computers count?

  Yes, a computer can count. You could get a computer to count forever, if you wanted to. All a computer does is compute information. So yes, you could get a computer to c (MORE)
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What is a count noun?

A count noun is a noun that has a singular and a plural form.  Examples:    apple, apples  bird, birds  child, children  dream, dreams     Not all nouns can (MORE)