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What is the Tower of Terror?

The Tower of Terror may refer to a Disney theme park ride or the made-for-TV film based on the ride. The ride's official name is The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, a drop ri (MORE)
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What is the verb for terror?

Terrorize Verb: Create and maintain a state of extreme fear and distress in (someone); fill with terror: "he used his army to terrorize the population".

What is counter?

  A counter is a sequencial circuit with a set of flip flop which counts the number of pulses given at the clock input   A counter is a sequencial circuit with a set of (MORE)

Can terrorism be countered by war?

Terrorism is a tactic. Terrorists can be countered by war in those cases where the terrorists are supported by a state or control a state. However, in many cases terrorists ar (MORE)

What is a terror?

Terror is based on the French word terreur which means, great fear,  or to frighten. . This word was first used by the Jacobins during  the French Revolution.

What is counter terrorism?

Counter terrorism is the policy of attempting to stop terrorist before they have a chance to strike. often it involves the CIA and an informant on the Terrorist team.
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