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What is counterculture and subculture?

counterculture is more referred as culture that have been applied by teenager as this culture opposites our real culture such as transgender and so on. meanwhile subculture me (MORE)

What are examples of a counterculture?

Hippies - A counterculture movement gained momentum in which the younger generation began to define itself as a class that aimed to create a new kind of society in 1967. Femin (MORE)
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Is there a counterculture today?

Actually no, there is no counterculture today. True countercultures died out in the 1970s however I think the grunge movement of the 90s can be considered a counterculture. To (MORE)

What does counterculture mean?

It means whatever is considered outside the norm of society. For instance, the illegal drug activity in the world is a counterculture. This is always changing because society (MORE)

What are examples of countercultures?

Countercultures are a kind of subculture that deliberately opposes certain aspects of the larger society. Examples of this would be the hippies of the 60's, anarchists, the KK (MORE)
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Is Amish a counterculture?

No Amish is a subculture because they choose to live separately from society and do not want to change the dominant culture like countercultures do.