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What are countries?

In geography, a country is a geographical region. The term is often applied to a political division or the territory of a state, or to a smaller, or former, political divisi (MORE)

Countries with an a in them?

  Norway Australia Austria America Venezuela Brazil Argentina Scotland England Wales Iceland Ireland Greenland Denmark Holland South Africa Japan China India Pakistan Indo (MORE)

What can your country do for you?

The only thing that your country (if it is the U.S.) has to do for you is uphold the Bill of Rights. First Amendment - Establishment Clause, Free Exercise Clause; freedom of (MORE)
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What is your country about?

That's a very 'broad' question to answer. And what country are we  talking about?
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What if there were no countries?

It would be like 1984. We may be headed that way now since  universal currency (like the Euro) is how it starts
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