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What countries are considered Asian countries?

Any country that is exclusively located on the Asian continent (Israel, Iran, India, China, Korea) is considered an Asian country, some countries that reside on the Asian cont (MORE)

What is a country within a country called?

Generally, "constituent country" is a term applied to territories that call themselves countries, that are a part of a bigger sovereign country. For example, England is a cons (MORE)

Which country has the most neighbouring countries?

Depending on if you count maritime borders, it is either Russia or  China. They both have an equal number of land borders, 14. Russia  has 18 borders if you include maritime (MORE)

What are countries?

In geography, a country is a geographical region. The term is often applied to a political division or the territory of a state, or to a smaller, or former, political division (MORE)

What countries are the the Alpine countries?

The Alpine States or Alpine Countries are the countries that have some part of the Alps in their country. These are Austria, Germany, France, Italy, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Slo (MORE)

What countries are considered African countries?

all that are within africas area...or if you don't know where that is then its the tip of Egypt to the bottom tip of south Africa
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