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Did Country Joe McDonald serve in Vietnam?

No, he served three years in the US Navy - 1959-62. US involvement in Vietnam at that time was limited to a tiny number of troops, nominally acting as advisors to the Vietname (MORE)
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Me and joe or joe and I?

It depends on whether you and Joe are the subject or the object. In general, you would put Joe first and me or I second. If you leave Joe out, it will probably be easier to se (MORE)
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What is a fish?

A fish is a living animal that retains oxygen from water and is  born with fins to swim with. There are many varieties of fish so  this answer is only the most basic informa (MORE)

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In the yoro region in this country it has been known to rain fish?

If you are playing the science world cup quiz - you haven't looked for long enough!!! But the answer is Honduras.
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What is the country origin of the clown fish?

Clownfish do not have a particular country of origin. They are  however native to the warmer waters of the Pacific and Indian  Oceans. They are also common in the Red Sea an (MORE)

Which country that breed and export Arowana Fish?

Asia (Singapore) and there are extremely tight restrictions on their export. They must be captive bread and they contain a micro chip embedded in dorsal muscle for identificat (MORE)