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What country catches the most fish?

    Japan is expected to catch most of the fish as it is surrounded by the seas and oceans from all sides and due to this only Japan can catch different fishes like p (MORE)
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What is the country origin of the clown fish?

Clownfish do not have a particular country of origin. They are  however native to the warmer waters of the Pacific and Indian  Oceans. They are also common in the Red Sea an (MORE)
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Why is palawan considered the richest fishing ground in the country?

because it produces so much of the fish sold in metro-manila. palawan straddles the south china sea and the sulu sea with celebes sea below, and it has more than 2,000 kilom (MORE)

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Which country that breed and export Arowana Fish?

Asia (Singapore) and there are extremely tight restrictions on their export. They must be captive bread and they contain a micro chip embedded in dorsal muscle for identificat (MORE)