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Distance from Dublin Ireland to County Cork Ireland?

Answer   According to the Irish Tourist Board, the distance between Dublin and Cork City is 160 miles or about 257km however the distance to COUNTY Cork from Dublin is 12 (MORE)

Where does cork come from?

    Corks are produced from the bark of an oak tree grown in the western Mediterranean. it can be peeled from the tree without hurting the tree.  
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Is there a substitute for cork grease?

Petroleum Jelly works well as a substitute, however you have to be careful not to get it anywhere else on your instrument. Chap stick and lotion work well too.
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What is use of cork?

Cork, which comes from the bark of a cork oak tree. It is used as stoppers for many wines, backing for cork board (also known as pin board) and even some types of floor tile.
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Is cork alive?

no it is not.... the tree that the cork came from was alive but in the process of making it cork, they killed the cells
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What are cork cells?

 The cells of the phellem are called cork cells, they are generated centrifugally, are non-living and have suberized cell walls. The phelloderm consists of cells given off (MORE)

Is cork safe for rabbits to chew on?

One person writes: Cork is a natural wood. Some rabbits may sometimes get a liking to it, and will start to chew on, as well as even sometimes swallow it. If it is untreated, (MORE)

How big is a wine bottle cork?

Diameter: #9 (24mm) Length: 1-3/4" (44mm) There area a number of sizes, but for a typical 750 ml wine bottle, the most common size is a #9.
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What is a rubber cork?

Rubber corks are commonly used in labs with test tubes as a  stopper. The rubber corks are used on flask as well. The function  of the rubber cork is to keep the contents in (MORE)