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Distance from Dublin Ireland to County Cork Ireland?

Answer   According to the Irish Tourist Board, the distance between Dublin and Cork City is 160 miles or about 257km however the distance to COUNTY Cork from Dublin is 12 (MORE)

Is cork the bark of a cork oak?

Yes, the tree forms a thick, rugged and corky bark. Over time this bark can develop considerable thickness and this can be harvested every 10-12 years as cork. The harvesting (MORE)
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Why is cork known as the rebel county?

Cork is nicknamed "The Rebel County", as a result of the support of the townsmen of Cork in 1491 for Perkin Warbeck, a pretender to the throne of England during the Wars of th (MORE)

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What will glue cork to cork?

Cork does not need to be glued. If it is compressed in the bottle neck, and then made wet, the water makes the cork expand. Have you tried super glue or hot glue gun? Not sure (MORE)

Distance from Killarney Ireland to County Cork Ireland?

    from killarney to near the centre of cork city is 86 kilometres (53 miles) but the distance from Killarney to COUNTY Cork is just 20 miles     To get exact (MORE)