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What does Kerry mean in the Kerry dance?

County Kerry in Ireland - a type of dancing done there. It is also called "Rincce Fada" and it can be seen on Youtube if you search that name. The video there is dances by sch (MORE)
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Did Kerry lee halkett get fired?

No. She went on "personal leave" and resigned. She decided to move to Connecticut where her vacation home is, to spend more time with her husband and son.
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Was john Kerry a navy seal?

Absolutely not - Kerry was a junior officer aboard a Navy Swift Boat, a brown-water river craft. Many of his claims concerning his Veteran status and accomplishments have been (MORE)
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Why is county Kerry in Ireland called the Kingdom?

  Kerry is called the Kingdom because of its isolated character and the fact the dialect and culture differ somewhat from the rest of Ireland. Non-Kerrymen often refer to (MORE)

Different ways to spell Kerry?

Carrie, Carry, Carrey, Cary, Carri, Carey, Kari, Kerry, Karry, Kary, Keri, Kerrie, Karrie, Karie!!Hope that helps!Thats all i can think of!
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Who was Kerry Packer?

Kerry Packer was an Australian media tycoon. He is most commonly known for inventing World Series Cricket. He brought about a series of changes in cricket by making it more ap (MORE)
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Where is Kerry Walsh from?

  She was born in Santa Clara, Ca and grew up in Saratoga, Ca.
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