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Plural form of coup d etat?

Language is constantly redefined by use. In this case, the term ' coup d'état' comes from French, and the French plural is ' coups d'état'. However the term is now in common (MORE)

Define coup d' etat?

  A coup is a planned but sudden attempt to seize power from the state and replace the existing government with a new one, usually by force and with the support of the mil (MORE)
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What happens in a coup d etat?

In a coup d' etat, or coup, an established and organized group, most often the milatary, forcefully deposes the current leader in order to assume political leadership. ALS "An (MORE)

What is counting coup?

American Indians counted coup in combat. Touching the enemy with your spear or hatchet and that earned you points. Warriors had a coup stick which was decorated with feathers (MORE)

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Why is Egypt's military coup not a coup?

Answer 1   because the coup is really a coup when the army takes over the  country , but that didn't happen , and now Egypt has an interim  President and a liberal gover (MORE)