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A couple of day or a couple of days?

"A couple of days" is the correct version. A "couple" refers to  two, which is plural. So if you're describing something plural you  would need to use the plural form of "da (MORE)

What is an 'it' couple?

A couple where both of the people in the relationship are popular. It can also mean they are the couple that have been going out for the longest, etc. they are the couple ever (MORE)

What is couple behavior?

Couple behavior occurs when two people have become intimately  familiar with each other, like two people who have dated for a long  time or two people married to each other. (MORE)

Why do couples get married?

Generally, because they love each other, want to be together, and want a stable relationship in which to raise a family. Different cultural norms suggest different reasons for (MORE)

What do young couples do?

Well me and my boyfriend go go-carting, swimming, to the movies, over each others house etc. If your talking about more romantic we do kiss. not sure if that's what you meant (MORE)
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What is couple of forces?

Two equal, but oppositely directed forces acting simultaneously on opposite sides of an axis of rotation. Since the translatory forces (forces that produce linear motion) canc (MORE)