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What is an example of a couplet?

A couplet poem has 2 lines. Also at the end of the 2 lines in the poem rhyme. Example: Roses are red, violets are blue my sister is ugly and so are you! The sun is (MORE)

What is a couplet?

A Couplet (literature wise) is a pair of lines in a verse that ryhme. Most commonly used in fairy tales and songs. Two lines of verse, usually in the same meter and joined by (MORE)
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What are rhyming couplets?

A rhyming couplet is a poem where the two lines rhyme with each other and a whole poem is made up couplets where each pair of lines rhyme with each other.
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What is a Iambic Couplet?

An iambic couplet is two lines of poetry that rhyme. The lines canstand alone as a complete thought, and both lines should have thesame number of syllables.

What is an example of couplet?

Here are a few examples of couplets: *The sun is shining brightly. The rain is sprinkling lightly. *The river bands were high. Now the river banks are dry. *My lollipop (MORE)