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What is muguet de bois in french?

"muguet" or "muguet des bois" is "lily of the valley. It is a French tradition to offer one flowered stem of lily of the valley on International Labor Day, May 1.
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What was the purpose of a Coureur de Bois?

the purpose of the coureur de bois are to learn the ways the aboriginal peoples live and their language to trade furs. they made lots of money but the king didn't like them be (MORE)

What did the coureur des bois eat?

fish, pemmican ,rubaboo, pork etc. if they didn't find anything to eat they would have to make a black soup made of moss that comes from rocks.
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What did the coureurs de bois live in?

When a Coureur De Bois is out travelling on a journey, they would usually just set up a camp, like a small fire and just sleep around it with usually not many things to wear e (MORE)
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What was coureur de bois lifestyle like?

The life style of a Coureur de bois wasn't perfect. They traveled for approximately 70 to 100 km per day trading beaver pelts with the natives. They got eaten alive by black f (MORE)
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What were the activities of a coureur de bois?

Hunting beavers to trade with the french Actually they traded with the first Nations not the french!they diddnt really hunt the beavers the first natoins did and the would tra (MORE)