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Which President packed the US Supreme Court to have a decision overruled?

The question is a little misleading. No President successfully packed the US Supreme Court. President Franklin D. Roosevelt proposed a bill in 1937 that would have added one j (MORE)

How well did Roosevelt's court packing plan succeed?

President Franklin D. Roosevelt's proposed legislation failed when the Senate voted 70-20 to return the bill to the Judiciary Committee with explicit instructions to strip it (MORE)

When did Roosevelt's court-packing plan become unnecessary?

Roosevelt's court-packing plan became unnecessary when the swing voter on the US Supreme Court, Justice Owen Roberts, shifted his (and the Court's) support to favor the New De (MORE)

Why did President Roosevelt try to pack the Supreme Court?

Because a lot of FDR's policies were in direct conflict with the constitution and the principles the nation was founded on. For example, in executive orders he unconstitutiona (MORE)
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What was known as the court-packing plan?

The court packing plan, as opponents called it, was a scenario in  which Franklin Roosevelt added two more members to the US Supreme  Court. It was thought that those he add (MORE)

What is court packing?

Court-packing is an attempt by the sitting President to override  checks and balances by nominating many members of his (or her) own  party to the Supreme Court and/or other (MORE)