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The Covens from Twilight?

This is what it says at the back of Breaking dawn:   *Vampire possesses a quantifiable supernatural talent   - Bonded pair (oldest listed first)   struck deceased bef (MORE)

What is the definition for covenant?

A covenant is an agreement, pact or promise. A covenant is a solemn or binding agreement either written or promised between two or more parties. The word "covenant" is first u (MORE)
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What is the Ark of the Covenant?

it was the portable closet that the "preists" carried on theirshoulders that contained the tablets of the ten commandments onthem It was the large, portable gold-covered woode (MORE)

Ark of the Covenant?

I think you are referring to the Ark of the Covenant. This was a large chest containing the stones on which the 10 commandments of Moses were written, the staff of Moses' br (MORE)

What are covenants?

A promise to do or refrain from doing an act. the covenants found in a general warranty deed are seisin, encumbrances, further assurance, quiet enjoyment, and warranty forever (MORE)

What is the Sinai Covenant?

The Sinai covenant is the covenant made between God and his people  on Mt. Sinai, according to the Bible. The Israelites received God's  Ten Commandments and agreed to keep (MORE)

What is a covenant?

A covenant is a coming together of two persons agreeing on something like a contract. An agreement between God and another person binds themselves to be faithful to that agree (MORE)

What is Abraham's covenant?

The covenant is God's promise to make Abram (later named Abraham) a great nation. Genesis 15:5&6 "And He took him outside and said, "Now look toward the heavens, and count the (MORE)
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What was the Sinai Covenant?

god loves us    Answer:   The Sinai Covenant between God and the Israelite nation (see Exodus  ch.19 and ch.24), was made in the time of Moses, with Moses serving (MORE)