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What are covenants?

A promise to do or refrain from doing an act. the covenants found in a general warranty deed are seisin, encumbrances, further assurance, quiet enjoyment, and warranty forever (MORE)
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What is the covenant in The Bible?

The covenant from Abraham to Moses was that God will take his people to the promised land and all of Abraham's children and descendants will live in the promised land. Abrah (MORE)

What was the covenant with Abraham?

God promised Abraham that he would make him father of a great nation. He told him that his decedents would be as many as the stars in the sky , and grains of sand by the sea.
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What is a covenant community?

A covenant community refers to a religious community. People who  are part of the covenant bind themselves to each other via a solemn  agreement referred to as a covenant. T (MORE)

What is a coven?

A coven is a gathering, usually of witches, though it may also be applied to such things as vampires. In Wicca, a coven is a group of individuals who worship together.
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What is a covenant?

A covenant is a coming together of two persons agreeing onsomething like a contract. An agreement between God and anotherperson binds themselves to be faithful to that agreeme (MORE)
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What is a witches coven?

A witches coven is a gathering of witches that all practice and they ask each other question's, share spells, share outcomes, and do rituals. Don't worry though. Most witch co (MORE)

What is the covenant of Sinai?

A "covenant" is a formal,  binding, solemn  AGREEMENT between two or more parties... like a  "marriage vow." In the case of the "covenant"  that took place at Mount Sinai (MORE)

What are the covenants?

There are a few different kinds: Drones (Buggers) Grunts Jackals Skirmishers Brutes Elites Hunters On toughness scales: Drones (Buggers) 1/10 Grunts 1/10 Jackals 3/10 Skirmish (MORE)