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How can you help yourself and your children because your husband is covertly and verbally abusive?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nThe answer may depend on what form the covert abuse takes. Is he hiding assets from you or controlling the finances to the point where managing (MORE)

Is there a database that insurance companies share which prevent you from covertly being on two insurance plans at the same time and picking and choosing the best insurance plan for different needs?

Answer . I'm not sure that there is a database that they share, but there is a big concern that you would use both companies for a single claim, 'making money' for being si (MORE)

What does covertly determine mean?

Covertly (as opposed to overly) means in secret, or while under cover. For example: "Covertly, the child sneaked into the kitchen to steal a cookie, by the time anyone ha (MORE)

When someone makes excuses not to see you but at the same time is covertly spying and recording using electronic equipment what should you do?

First, you must ask yourself why you are pursuing a relationship with that person. Their behavior is not normal or legal and you may have some emotional issues yourself if you (MORE)

What organization did the US employ during the Cold War to work covertly in communist countries?

The standard answer is the Central Intelligence Agency, but that'sincomplete. The truth is the United States had, during the Cold War, seventeenagencies that conducted intelli (MORE)