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How do they insert a cow magnet into the cow?

A bolus gun is used to insert a magnet into the stomach of a cow. The bolus gun is put so that the cow has to swallow the magnet when it's put down her throat, and with the re (MORE)

How do you know that a cow has mad cow?

She will be acting quite aggressive towards any "strange" movement. She will be very nervous, have no habituation if something startles her repeatedly, and very unsteady on he (MORE)

Why do cows need other cows?

Cattle don't really need other cattle, but they are happiest when with others of their kind since they are herd-oriented animals. They feel safest among others since they are (MORE)

What cows are dairy cows?

Dairy Cows are cows that can produce enough milk too be able to be milked. The following list is of some Dairy Cow breeds: (the most common breed is Holstein) Ayrshire Brown S (MORE)

What does mad cow disease do to cows?

Makes them Mad by deteriorating the nerves in the brain. The Mad Cow Disease is a Prion Illness. A Prion is a protein or part of a protein. As of such, the "disease" is no (MORE)

How is the cow?

The cow is fine thank you thanks for asking -Bugle Notes- She walks, she talks, she's full of chalk, the lacteal fluid extracted from the female of the bovine species is hi (MORE)

Why is a cow a cow?

Hard to say. It was named that way hundreds of years ago, and is a name we use for domesticated bovines without questioning why we use it or why such animals are called that n (MORE)

What can cows do?

Cows can graze, eat from a feed bunk or bale feeder, sleep laying down, doze standing, drink water, walk, trot, run, give birth to calves, mate with a bull, show aggression in (MORE)