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What do cows do?

Cows eat grass, mate with bulls to produce calves, sleep, eat some more, give milk to feed their calves or to be milked out for human consumption if they're dairy cows, etc.
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What do you do if you have a cow?

Since there are really two meanings to this question, I will have to give an answer to each of these meanings. In the context of the part of "have" referring to the ownersh (MORE)

What can cows do?

Cows can graze, eat from a feed bunk or bale feeder, sleep laying down, doze standing, drink water, walk, trot, run, give birth to calves, mate with a bull, show aggression in (MORE)

How is the cow?

The cow is fine thank you thanks for asking -Bugle Notes- She walks, she talks, she's full of chalk, the lacteal fluid extracted from the female of the bovine species is (MORE)

Can you have cows?

Yes, if you have the land, money, feed and water supplies to own cows, as well as some bovine knowledge of how to care for and handle them.
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What is a cow and what does she do?

A cow is a female bovine that has at least two calves. "Cow" is also a colloquial term encompassing all types of cattle, no matter the breed, sex or age. Cows, being of the (MORE)

What can a cow do?

She can eat grass, give milk and give birth to calves after getting bred by a bull. She can also be used for beef after she is no longer productive to you or to the herd.
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What can you do with the cows?

Take care of them: feed them, provide water and mineral, milk them if it's needed (if not, then don't), and provide pasture if you have some available.
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