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Who are the cowboys?

Cowboys wrangle herds of cattle (dogies) from atop their ponies, moving them along to market, sometimes using the phrase " Git along, little dogie ". The Cowboys are also a (MORE)

What did a cowboy do?

Calling someone a cowboy in 1870 meant that he was intimate with cows. The correct term is wrangler, one who took care of cattle and horses.

What do cowboys have?

Cowboys would most likly have a gun and rope on then. Guns if any Indians tried to kill them and the rope for cattle to get and sell or keep

Why is a cowboy called a cowboy if they are not a cow?

Answer:. Back in the days when cowboys were common,horses were the obvious choice if you wanted to get around withoutwalking, so cowboys weren't named for what they rode(as e (MORE)

What is a cowboy?

a man, typically one on horseback, who herds and tends cattle,especially in the western US and as represented in westerns andnovels.