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What did cowboys do?

Cowboys had fun, lived life, got women and fought, got drunk, saved their loved ones and traveled.
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Who are the cowboys?

Cowboys wrangle herds of cattle (dogies) from atop their ponies, moving them along to market, sometimes using the phrase " Git along, little dogie ". The Cowboys are also a ( Full Answer )
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Who were cowboys and what were the realities of cowboy life?

Most of the cowboys were Black, Hispanic and/or Native. That is why they are called cowboys and not cowmen. They worked long hard hours for little pay and were generally treat ( Full Answer )
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What does a cowboy do?

Cowboys Are A Bit Like Farmers In A Way Because They Both Look After Animals. :D
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What did a cowboy do?

Calling someone a cowboy in 1870 meant that he was intimate with cows. The correct term is wrangler, one who took care of cattle and horses.
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What do cowboys have?

Cowboys would most likly have a gun and rope on then. Guns if any Indians tried to kill them and the rope for cattle to get and sell or keep
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Why is a cowboy called a cowboy if they are not a cow?

Answer:. Back in the days when cowboys were common,horses were the obvious choice if you wanted to get around withoutwalking, so cowboys weren't named for what they rode(as e ( Full Answer )
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Why are the cowboys called the cowboys NFl?

this is a answore .. they ride on horses because they can they arecalled cow boys because they us there lassow to round up cows
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What is the Cowboys' record at Cowboys Stadium?

Since Cowboys Stadium -- now AT&T Stadium -- opened in 2009,Dallas' home record is 10-8 in preseason play, 37-35 inregular-season games and 2-1 in the postseason.
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What is a cowboy?

a man, typically one on horseback, who herds and tends cattle,especially in the western US and as represented in westerns andnovels.