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Why did cowboys wear boots?

First things first, most cowboys did and still do wear cowboy boots.   The main reasons for wearing boots is because they aid in horse back riding. They are thick and tough (MORE)

What are the most comfortable cowboy boots?

I would recommend looking into Boulet Boots. One of those cowboy boot brands that still cares about leather, quality and design. I would try they have all leat (MORE)

What is the most comfortable cowboy boot?

The answer depends a lot on your feet, but you have to look inside the boot for comfort. I recently bought a pair of Durangos with the suspension system. This has a cushioned (MORE)

Are cowboy boots high maintenance?

Not really. They are actually really easy to carry. That is the main reason why the cowboys wear them. But you might want to check the season that you are wearing them in. I (MORE)