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What is a cowboy?

a man, typically one on horseback, who herds and tends cattle,  especially in the western US and as represented in westerns and  novels.

What did cowboys do for a living?

traditional cowboys worked on ranches and farms living in small comunities hunting for food for there families and killing bandits that were threatning there land.
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What did cowboys eat?

  Answer   Most Texas cowboys ate four identical meals every day. Anyone who rode the trail carried with him a nesting kit (a tin all-in-one eating utensil that fold (MORE)

Why is a cowboy called a cowboy if they are not a cow?

Answer:   Back in the days when cowboys were common,  horses were the obvious choice if you wanted to get around without  walking, so cowboys weren't named for what they (MORE)

Was Jesus a cowboy?

No my dear. Jesus was a Man who was a great Teacher. He was kind, loved people, and Christians think that He is God. But He wasn't a cowboy. America hadn't been found yet when (MORE)

How do you draw a cowboy?

  Well you have to now what a cowboy looks like. If you don`t then go to google. Ready? First draw a head . Next draw a short/long sleved shirt. Before you do any thing n (MORE)

What was the cowboys job?

The cowboys main job was to protect and move the cattle. They would drive a herd from one location to another for feeding purposes or for sale. They had to protect against nat (MORE)