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What is a cracker?

A cracker is a little piece of hardened bread with salt. Crackers were formed in the 1600s when the queen of England had privateers who stole and gave to her, keeping some goo ( Full Answer )
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What is Cracker Barrel?

Cracker Barrel is a mixture of a retail store and a restaurant.It is a family oriented chain of " Old Country stores". It is also a brand of Cheddar sold in stores in Ireland ( Full Answer )
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Say no to crackers?

crackers are okay to; but it depends on the cracker and how much you eat. for example, if you're experiencing stomach pains, eat saltine crackers and drink Gatorade only, it'l ( Full Answer )
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What rhymes with crackers?

backers, hackers, slackers, ... . clackers, knackers, packers, quackers, sackers, smackers, snackers, stackers, tackers, trackers 2 syllables : accor's, acker's, backers, b ( Full Answer )
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What is a cracker Jack?

Caramel coated popcorn and peanuts and most time have small prizes The term "cracker jack" also means something superior, or exceptionally good.
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Why do you have crackers?

Because they do not allow me to be indepedent and free. The medical industry is set up to cause pain and money lost. Why do George Wahington give us his dollar? To eat and rob ( Full Answer )
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Where are crackers?

in the store usually top shelf grab the goldfish not the sucky multigrain brands BE A MAN!
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What is cracker in french?

The word for a hard bread "cracker" may be craquelin . Other types of crackers and cookies use the familiar term biscuit .
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How do you spell crackers?

That is the correct spelling of "crackers" (a thin, brittle bread, or slang for burglars, i.e. safe crackers ).
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What are Diwali crackers?

Fire crackers are Diwali crackers. Being lighten up on diwali people also call them as Diwali crackers.