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What is coarse crackle?

Coarse crackle is the name for air that is breathed in if there isa large amount of fluid in the lungs. People who suffer frompneumonia have this sound when they inhale.
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What are cracklings?

In the game by Blizzard, Starcraft, cracklings are zerglings with both movement speed and attack speed upgraded, making them extremely fast and deadly.
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Why does the srt4 exhaust crackle and pop?

turbo charged cars need to run with a richer air fuel mixture to prevent predetonation and knock . The srt-4 was engineered with a injector "coast" that dumps a little fuel wh ( Full Answer )
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Are Snap Crackle and Pop gay?

Well technically we'd never know unless the Rice Krispies people told us, and they can say that past commercials were created before the characters were completely developed, ( Full Answer )
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Is crackling a noun?

'Crackling' is a gerund. All gerunds end in "ing", but not all "ing" words are gerunds. The gerund can take the place of a noun, as in, "Playing ball was Bill's favorite game. ( Full Answer )
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Why is my ear crackling?

it could be that you never cleaned your ears in a while. go clean your ears. or it could be that you went to go swimming and got water in your ears. Also , could be the na ( Full Answer )
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Can you do crackle nails without the crackle polish?

You can't just use the crackle nail polish because there has to be another polish under it. its like crackle paint for walls, the chemicals react with the normal nail polish i ( Full Answer )
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What makes crackle nail polish crackle?

The manufacturers add a solvent (ethanol) to the polish that makes the crackle layer dry quickly and unevenly. Curiously, this is the opposite of the way "normal" nail polish ( Full Answer )
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Is crackling an adjective?

Crackling is a noun, hence; 1 : a series of small sharp cracks or reports . 2 . the crisp residue left after the rendering of lard from fat or the frying or roasting of ( Full Answer )
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How do you get crispy crackling?

Crispy battered food can benefit fromseltzer or beer in the batter, due to the carbonation. Tempura is agood example of this.