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What causes a crackling noise from an electric socket?

  A crackling noise from a receptacle indicates an arc fault. It's the arc (electricity trying to jump across an air gap to return to its source) that you are hearing. The (MORE)

Why do clothes crackle and spark?

    They crackle and spark due to static electricity, usually generated by the clothes rubbing against other clothes or fabric.
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Why does the srt4 exhaust crackle and pop?

turbo charged cars need to run with a richer air fuel mixture to prevent predetonation and knock . The srt-4 was engineered with a injector "coast" that dumps a little fuel wh (MORE)

What makes crackle nail polish crackle?

The manufacturers add a solvent (ethanol) to the polish that makes the crackle layer dry quickly and unevenly. Curiously, this is the opposite of the way "normal" nail polish (MORE)
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Crackling rose song about a woman or wine?

I'm not too sure but I think according to Google, there are a couple of things for the name a, Wine and a flower..
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