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What is crackling of pine cones?

The seeds in pine codes are attached to the little tabs that separate and open as the mature cone dries. At some point, the tab, with seed, breaks off and glides some distance (MORE)
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Why do ice cubes crackle in water?

Ice cubes crackle in water because when the cold, frozen ice touches the non frozen water, it begins to become unfrozen, but not quite melt. The harsh change of temperature ma (MORE)
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Why does fire crackle and pop?

Wood fire crackles and pops because the trapped spaces of air within the wood heat up and expand, creating pressure, while the outer levels of the wood burns slowly away. Even (MORE)

Why does the srt4 exhaust crackle and pop?

turbo charged cars need to run with a richer air fuel mixture to prevent predetonation and knock . The srt-4 was engineered with a injector "coast" that dumps a little fuel wh (MORE)

What makes crackle nail polish crackle?

The manufacturers add a solvent (ethanol) to the polish that makes the crackle layer dry quickly and unevenly. Curiously, this is the opposite of the way "normal" nail polish (MORE)

What are the ingredients in crackle nail polish?

Crackle nail polish basically has alchohol in iit. The alcohol makes the nail polish crackle, because of the chemicals in it. Crackle nail polish can also be done at home. M (MORE)

How do you make crackle nail polish?

Ethanol is added so the nail polish dries so rapidly it produces an appearance of a shattered surface. It is also formulated so the polish dries unevenly to produce the cracke (MORE)

How do you apply crackle nail polish?

1. First apply a base coat 2. Apply normal nail polish (any) 3. Let it fully dry 4. Then apply a thin coat of crackle nail polish, if thick it will crack less have fun and g (MORE)