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What is crackpot science?

similar to attempts to prove Global Warming - only paying attention to the facts that support your claim and ignoring the rest of the facts.
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Was Nostradamus just a crazy old crackpot or was he really onto something?

Most people think that Nostradamus was crazy, but some of his predictions came true. Nostradamus wasn't the first one who predicted that the world was going to end, it was the (MORE)
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How do you use crackpots in a sentence?

He, alongside a few other crackpots, is calling for a fully comprehensive, independent public inquiry into the Foot-and-Mouth epidemic.
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Is Crackpot a real place?

Yes. Crackpot is a village in Swaledale, North Yorkshire, England. Its name derives from the Old English kraka (a crow) and the Viking word pot (usually a cavity or deep hole (MORE)
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What actors and actresses appeared in Crackpot - 2006?

The cast of Crackpot - 2006 includes: Mark Berns as Corrections Officer Gregory Blair as The Postal Worker Jeremy Bouvet Steven Cesnek as Seymore Lee Costello as Pierre Colin (MORE)