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What is charons craft?

If you are referring to the mythological being Charon. The story is that he was charged with ferrying the dead across the river Styx. However after fulfilling his duty for cen (MORE)

What is witch craft?

Witchcraft, or the Craft of the Witch is a spiritual path commonly found under the umbrella term Paganism. The word witch is not gender specific so witches are both men and (MORE)

What is a hover craft?

A hover craft is a vehicle that you stand on. It floats in the air. a mechanic structure that floats,or "hovers" shortly above ground,a few good examples of hovercraft are hel (MORE)

What is the craft analogy?

One of Plato's theories to back on his idea of Philosopher Kings ruling society for the people. The basic idea is that, if you had a horse which was to be trained you would ta (MORE)

What is the plural of craft?

Depending on the context, the plural of craft can be craft (when referring to vessels), e.g. hovercraft, landing craft, aircraft or crafts (when referring to skills, something (MORE)

What is a craft guild?

Craft guilds evolved in medieval Europe as a means to ensure  quality of work, means of production, and working conditions for  skilled laborers in various trades. In order (MORE)