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What was a master craftsman?

someone who has mastered a craft, a profession usually executed by hand, examples include carpenter, stone mason, and blacksmith and tailor, also, not was, there still are mas (MORE)

Can you adjust the carb on a Craftsman Lawnmower?

How to adjust a carburetor The following procedure applies to all small engines If the engine does not start: (1) rotate the carburetor main jet needle valve clockwise (cl (MORE)

What you mean by a craftsman?

A craftsman is someone who produces work with a practical application. This work may be either plain or decorative, but it always has a practical use. Examples of craft work a (MORE)
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What is an Arroyo Craftsman?

"An Arroyo Craftsman is alot of different things. there are mailboxes, lighting fixture (ceiling, wall, and stand up) they are made of blackend lead and usualy are a yellowish (MORE)