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What is a crankshaft?

Answer . It is the cast iron shaft in an internal cumbustion engine which is driven by the pistons in a circular fashion. The shaft in turn transmits power to the transmis (MORE)

What is the purpose of the crankshaft?

The crankshaft, simply put, converts reciprical motion into rotary motion, thereby trnsmitting the horsepower and motion created by the piston and rod assemblies through the r (MORE)

What is a crankshaft sesor?

is a component used in an internal combustion engine to monitor the position or rotational speed of the crankshaft. This information is used by engine management systems to co (MORE)

What is crankshaft in car?

a crankshaft is what the connecting rod holding the pistons connects to, it spins your flywheel turning all your belts and also turning your transmission. an engine has 4 stro (MORE)

What are crankshafts?

The crankshaft is the primary rotating shaft in an internal combustion engine. It converts the linear energy of the piston into rotational energy using cranks. Cranks are cent (MORE)

What does a crankshaft do?

The crankshaft is the part that connects the flywheel and thepiston rods on an internal combustible engine. Its job is to changethe movement of the pistons to a circular motio (MORE)