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Did Thomas Crapper invent the toilet?

Answer   The first flushing thunder box was actually christened with Aussie slang in mind with yes crapper as the man     No the ancient Sumetia, Egypt and Indian' (MORE)

Who is Thomas Crapper?

  He was a plumber who founded Thomas Crapper & Co. Ltd. in London. Despite urban legend, Crapper did not invent the flush toilet (the myth being helped by the surname). (MORE)
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How did thomas crapper die?

he killed himself! Nobody knows why though, umm, to be honest i just done a quick bit of research and that is what came up 2 b honest! lol:-)
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Is Thomas Crapper a myth?

No, he really did invent the flush toilet. It's not that surprising; people starting calling the toilet "the crapper" because he invented it. The word did not exist before his (MORE)

Did Thomas Crapper have a wife?

Yes. Apparently her maiden name was Maria Green. She was born in1837 and died in 1902.
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