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Has a planet over 5 billion years old crash into our planet?

  to correct that it was around 4.6 billion years ago. scientists believe that early in earths days, a body about the size of mars crashed into the young earth flying many (MORE)

What is the 5 advantages and disadvantages of using a digital camera versus using a film camera?

1. You do not have to purchase film, and have it processed before you can preview images in negative form, then again, print the film to see your actual result. 2. You have ac (MORE)
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Every time you press start on Pokemon shiny gold beta 5 the ROM image crashes can you help?

I'm having the same exact problem, you're usin gpsPhone 5.00 I presume? The only way to fix it is to go back to an earlier version of gpsPhone, which i still havent fugured (MORE)
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Why is the movie crashed titled crash?

Listen to the first words that Don Cheadle says in the beginning of the film.  It's the sense of touch.  Any real city, you walk, you're  bumped, brush past people. In L.A (MORE)

When did the Hindenburg crash?

The Hindenburg was filled with Hydrogen, a very flammable gas. It is believed that a spark of some kind came in contact with the fragile thin skin of the blimp and that it cau (MORE)