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What does ether do in Pokemon Blue?

in Pokemon blue version the item ether is used to restore PP of your pokemons selected move it has a one time use and i recomend you save them for the elite four because you a (MORE)

How was ether administered?

In the early days Ether was trickled over a gauze mask over the face and nose. Later, endotracheal tubes were put in and connected to a bottle of ether and patient was anaesth (MORE)

What is the formula for ethyl isopropyl ether?

(CH3)2 -CH -O- CH2CH3 Isopropyl group is -CH where the "C" bonds with two other methyl groups to form Isopropyl. An ether is a compound which contains C-O-C bonded. The ethy (MORE)

Which evaporates faster alcohol or ether?

Ether evaporates faster than alcohol as the boiling point of ether is less than that of alcohol.
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What is ether?

Chemical Application Ether is an organic functional group consisting of a disubstituted oxygen, or an oxygen atom bonded to 2 carbon atoms (if adjacent to a ketone, functiona (MORE)
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What is the density of ether?

Ether is the common name for the compound, diethyl ether. It has  the chemical formula of (C2H5)2O. As a liquid, its density is .7134  grams per cubic centimeter.

Different types of ethers?

There are many different types of ethers possible. An ether is an  organic compound that contains the functional group R-O-R' where R  is a substituent, and R' is a differen (MORE)
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Is cyclohexene soluble in ether?

No. Ether is slightly polar (so polar for our purposes) and therefor with the like dissolves like rule, cyclohexene (which is nonpolar) would not be soluble in Ether. Hope thi (MORE)
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What are facts about ether?

All the facts about ether are unknown and not until about ten years ago has scientists started to be once again introduced to the idea. Michelson-Morley experiment was perfo (MORE)