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What person said crazy is as crazy does?

Hurm. If I do recall correctly, it was the gentleman sitting next to me on the bus while a homeless man tried to hijack the bus. He used toe nail clippers as a weapon. He was (MORE)
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What are 'crazies'?

Crazies are these people that drank contaminated water and turned into zombie-like things called crazies. Either that or they are just extremely crazy people.
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How are you crazy?

you are not crazy if people call you crazy. u never really know if your crazy. but if someone calls u crazy ur not u might be just a outstanding person, hav a great personalit (MORE)

Crazy as a what?

Crazy as a bedbug was the saying when we were growing up. Are bedbugs crazy and if so how do we tell when they're hiding in the horse hair mattress's of old? Could be their in (MORE)
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Why you are crazy?

im crazy because the world might end in 2012 and i wont go to Vegas and blow all my money away!!!!!! ha!
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How do crazy people go crazy?

It depends on what you mean by crazy. Ordinary people can sometimes act a little crazy, usually out of frustration at not being able to exert normal control over something or (MORE)
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Do crazy people realize they crazy?

They do not think there crazy even know they are but if somewhone tells them they are crazy they go mad
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Was Crazy Horse really crazy?

No, Crazy Horse was his name. His name in Lakota is Tȟašúŋke Witkó, which literally means "His Horse is Crazy" or "His Horse is Spirited".
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