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Is Hamlet crazy?

Hamlet initially feigns madness, but later on in the play, it seems as if he is actually becoming slightly mad. He sees the Ghost when Gertrude can't and contemplates about de (MORE)

Why are you boy crazy?

All girls get "boy crazy" at a certain age and it is just part of our hormonal changes. It does slow down and mellow out after a few years or so. Try not to go too crazy thoug (MORE)

Why are crazy people crazy?

People maybe crazy because when they're parents blood cells and DNA combined, they might not be compatible with each other. Then, they're mentality goes wrong and go crazy. (MORE)
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Do crazy people admmit there crazy?

ANSWER 1 No. I mean, would you admit that you were crazy? The only chance of them admitting that they were crazy would be if they were crazy enough. ANSWER 2 Crazy people, tha (MORE)

How do crazy people go crazy?

It depends on what you mean by crazy. Ordinary people can sometimes act a little crazy, usually out of frustration at not being able to exert normal control over something or (MORE)

Was Mozart crazy?

No, he was not. He was remarkable, very spontaneous and had a blunt sense of humor. Like a lot of gifted people, he was an absolute genius but had trouble connecting with pe (MORE)

Can cats be crazy?

The term "crazy" is a very subjective word - what may be crazy to others may be completely normal to a different set of individuals. However, many kittens and cats - particu (MORE)
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Are Muslims crazy?

Not any more or less than people of any other faith. _________________________________________________ If all people of the world and all followers of all other faiths and (MORE)

Are moms crazy?

Not as a general rule. Moms are no more likely to be crazy than anyone else. Some mothers may have a clinical disorder, but it is very unlikely to be related to being a mother (MORE)