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How do you make thick and creamy slime?

Get shaving cream, and liquid dish soap or hand soap mix thenadd glue and some water then add a little tide or any laundrydetergent . +++ Sounds gorgeously messy fun... but I (MORE)
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How do you make a creamy potato salad?

Hi. Creamy potato sald can be a deceptive name as there is no actual cream used, the binding agent used is Mayonaise. I would recomend making your own mayo rather than buying (MORE)
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Are coconuts creamy?

They Don't Actually Have Cream In Them But People Describe Coconuts Creamy Because Of The Coconut Milk! :)

How do you say creamy in Japanese?

クリーミー (kuriimii), taken from English. When used in a sentence to describe something, Japanese grammar dictates that you add な (na) between 'cre (MORE)
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How do you make a rissotto creamy?

To make a rissotto creamy you simply add more butter, a bit morecheese and then if you wish a bit of milk in the mixture. But nottoo much as it will make the rissotto taste fo (MORE)