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How do you get a crease out of a photo?

If it is an important and/or very old family keepsake, bring it to a professional who may be able to restore it to close to its original appearance. If it is a photo that you ( Full Answer )
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What are military creases?

This refers to the creases on the uniform shirt. On the front creases starting at the shoulder and going down to the shirt tail at the pocket button. In the back there is a cr ( Full Answer )
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What is the crease in lacrosse?

If you've ever seen college lacrosse there's a circle around the goal that's the crease
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What is axillary crease?

The axillary crease, as I understand it, is in essence the armpit , including the crease that runs down to the armpit from the shoulder. It has nothing to do with axle grease ( Full Answer )
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What rhymes with crease?

Cease, grease, increase, decrease.. You Rhyme to much Dawg,. but u forgot lease, and peanut butter jelly time.. Now where u at, Where u at, Where u at, Where u at. Now the ( Full Answer )
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What does crease mean?

It can mean pressing, folding, or wrinkling, like a piece of paper or an envolope.
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What is a crease?

A crease is a line or mark made by folding a pliable substance.Alternatively, in the sport of cricket, it is a white line drawn toshow different areas of play.
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Creased in a sentence?

A stray bullet just creased my scalp. The sheet of construction paper was creased longitudinally.
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What is a cut crease?

It is when you apply a slightly harsh color to your crease making it really defined!
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What is crease?

noun noun: crease ; plural noun: creases ; noun: the crease . 1 . . a line or ridge produced on paper or cloth by folding,pressing, or crushing it.. "khaki trousers wit ( Full Answer )