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How are antiparticles created?

E=MC2 When energy gets to a certain level, it creates a particle and an antiparticle, and this process is called pair production Mr_Adams: E is energy and M is mass, but the (MORE)

How was softball created?

softball originated as an indoor sport in a indoor gym in 1887. outdoor softball has roots in Minneapolis and in 1895 was created. it was created by fire department officer Le (MORE)

Why was Disneyland created?

Walt Disney was once at a park with his daughter when he looked around and saw other adults sitting there too. He thought maybe that he could create a "park" that both parents (MORE)

Who created stardoll?

Callie doesn't own stardoll, she writes for the magazines. Liisa wrang [ A famous artist ] drew dolls and decided to make a website called Then she got (MORE)

How do you create a will?

A will or last will and testament is a dated, written document that is witnessed by two independent people who are not related to you and are not left anything in the will. (MORE)

How is oil created?

if you mean how oil was originally created it was created from dead organic material buried under sediment for millions of years. The heat and pressure turned it to what it is (MORE)

Who created Google and when was it created?

Lawrence "Larry" Page[2] (born March 26, 1973) is an American computer scientist best known as co-founder of Google Inc., along with Sergey Brin. They are often known together (MORE)

What creates photosynthesis?

i think it is created by light/the sun and water creates photosynthesis which is helped by plants and it creates food for plants and energy.
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How are you created?

There are 2 main answers: 1) GOD has created us! 2) Evolution! We were all created by God. Read in the bible in Genesis, it will tell you all about the creation of the wo (MORE)

Who created mainframe?

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