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Why were you created?

We were born because god wanted some people to spread the word about himself so he created Adem an Eve. (this answer is dumb and man this person is so STUPID! ps. by tsalas10) (MORE)

How did you get created?

Read Genesis 1:1- & John 1:1- In the beginning was God. God created Adam, then created Eve using Adam's ribs. They had children, who had children and so on. All this "bacteria (MORE)

How are you created?

There are 2 main answers: 1) GOD has created us! 2) Evolution! We were all created by God. Read in the bible in Genesis, it will tell you all about the creation of the wo (MORE)

Why are we created?

The creations of heavens and Earth, in short the whole universe is divine. The universe was created by the Almighty God for human biengs to find the truth. And what is this t (MORE)

How do you create a will?

A will or last will and testament is a dated, written document that is witnessed by two independent people who are not related to you and are not left anything in the will. (MORE)

How to create?

Well, first think of something you want or need. Then think of how you can make it with what you have (or can get). Then work hard until it is finished! :D Simple.
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Why were we created?

We were created for the glory of God.    Prior to our coming to earth we lived in a perfect condition, a  place where everything was in accordance with God's laws. For (MORE)
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What if we were not created?

In a biological stand of view, every organism is created from a single cell. Developing of human beings and organisms is usually covered in first few chapters of every general (MORE)