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Why is it important to be creative?

Creativity is one of the most important things one should have. By being creative you can show your talent, your presence of mind on how you grasp something, and use it more c (MORE)

What is creative play?

There are many aspects of creative play that promote learning and development in children. It is important for children to express themselves in many different ways; creative (MORE)

What is creative accounting?

  "Thinking outside the box" when such practice is not permitted. Creative accounting is actually a good description of the practice, as it tends to "create" a picture tha (MORE)
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What is creativity and tool of creativity?

in my opinion i think creativity is the best thing that humankind has these days like would there be any games to entertain young girls and boys if their werent any people to (MORE)

Creativity in advertising?

Creativity in advertising is essential to a good career. Creativity  is needed to come up with the new idea for an ad.
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What is sociology of creativity?

In my opinion, the Sociology of Creativity is the study of the conditions by which Creativity manifests in society.  Trying to capture and then understand the W5 (Who, What, (MORE)

What does the creativity do?

creativity hangs the problem in the gallows pole till death. no one can knoe how does it work but when it works its untidy.careativity finds the solution not only for problem (MORE)

How can violence be creative?

One example would be the Reign of Terror during the French Revolution. The thousands of deaths inspired art from multiple artists such as Jacques-Louis David, Fragonard and E (MORE)