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What are the creatures in creature breeder?

In CreatureBreeder there are 7 types of creatures, since as of now there has been a new one added to the list. They are; -ChatterChimps -BrumbleBears -Beaklings -TurtleTo (MORE)

In creature swamp how do you hunt creatures?

You click on Hunt a Critter and then click the pets that show on that page, there are 30 each time I believe. Finding the hunted creature is completely random, you may find it (MORE)

Is god a creature?

God is everything around you and is in everything around you! My religion views god as a man just as we are, but in a perfected state. Other religions view god as othere (MORE)
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What creatures have DNA?

Your mom. And everything else too. Except for some viruses, but some viruses have DNA too. Just like your mom.also dogs so cats and probably lamps and other
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How do you age your creature breeder creature?

Creatures turn to adolescents when they age about one day, and become adults at the age of five days. Creatures live forever, and can be turned back into adults after becoming (MORE)