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What is a amphibian creature?

An amphibious creature is a creature that can live it's life both on land and in the sea, such as a frog. Most amphibians are air breathers, but, a very few can breath both th (MORE)

What creature is not a minotaur?

To answer this question we must define a minotaur: large hairy biped with muscular (usually male) body and bull head especially the horns. Okay so to answer your question pe (MORE)

Is there creature in Space?

yes of course there are -planet earth is in space you are in planet earth so is your mummy and daddy - so think about it why dont you rephrase your question -
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What does creature means?

  crea⋅ture   /ˈkritʃər/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [kree-cher] 1. an animal, esp. a nonhuman: the creatures of the woods and fields; a creature from outer spac (MORE)

What are the creatures from 'Avatar'?

A list of some of the animals seen in the movie. Direhorse: A six-legged, horse-like animal that the Na'vi bond with and ride. The Na'vi name is pa'li. Hexapede: A six-legged (MORE)
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What is creature breeder?

it is a virtual pet game where you can buy,sold,raise,trade and offer can breed them using 2 kinds of same comes first with egg,and followed buy creatu (MORE)

What is the plural of creature?

The plural of the noun creature is creatures. To find the plural for any word, add either an -s (words ending in -e or have a consonant as the last letter) or an -es (words (MORE)

Which creatures are Ungulates?

A hoofed animal is called ungulate .Ungulates include horse, zebra, donkey, hippo, goat, moose, antelope and gazelles , deer etc . There are two orders of Ungulates, those hav (MORE)

What is herbivorous creature?

Herbivores is any animal that feeds chiefly on grass and other  plants. Eg, cow, horse... etc. Hope this helps:)
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