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What is cree?

Cree is a language spoken by a large number of First Nations peopleof North America. The Cree are a large group of First Nationspeople of North America.
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Who are the cree Indians?

The Cree Indians are Indians who ate buffalo and much more, but the weird thing is they used ever part of the buffalo even the eyes. They also used the tall as a fly s ( Full Answer )
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How did the cree hunt?

The Cree Indians hunted by using bows and arrows. They also huntedby using traps to catch small game like beaver. They fished with abasket, or a spear; and sometimes even with ( Full Answer )
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What is the woodland Cree?

to start, the Woodland Cree are a type of Aboriginal tribe. there are also the Plains Cree as well. wood lands cree is awesome!
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What do Crees eat?

what do the plains cree eat now Can Someone please write something about the Cree nation because I have to write a report on it so I need some info :P
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How do you say cree in cree?

The various Cree tribal groups call themselves nēhiyaw , nīhithaw , nēhilaw , nēhinaw , ininiw , ililiw , iynu, innu or iyyu . The meaning is "person" o ( Full Answer )
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What is Blitz Cree?

Blitz KREIG is translated as "lightning war" in German. Used to describe a type of attack using planes and fast moving vehicles followed by infantry to surprise and overwhelm ( Full Answer )
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What rhymes with cree?

Rhymes with cree: . Agree . Bee . Bree . Cree . Decree . Dee . Diary . Fee . Flea . Flee . Free . Gee . Glee . Knee . Lee . Me . Nee . Pea . Pee . Plea ( Full Answer )
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What did the Cree believe?

The Cree people are a tribe of Plains Native Americans who live in a wide range in the northern part North America, extending from Ontario to Saskatchewan, Canada and even dow ( Full Answer )