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What does creo que mean?

Spanish words creo que mean: I believe that, which is an incompletephrase where you should state what you believe after the word que.It can also be translated as I think that. ( Full Answer )
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What does no Creo en Jamas mean?

It means "I don't believe in never" Kind of like saying that nothing is impossible.
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What does creo que te amo mean?

It is Spanish for "I think I love you". Also, creo is used more in line with believe. As in, "I believe I love you". Pienso is used more to mean I think. In this example, pie ( Full Answer )
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What is the nationality of a creo?

The nationality of a Creo is American. Creo is a short form ofCreole, meaning a black person that was born and raised inLouisiana, USA.
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What does creo que es mean?

it means- i think. for example if someone says- creo que me tengo que ir, it means i think i have to go.
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What makes someone creo?

There is no such word as creo, but there is a Canadian software company called Creo.
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Is no creo que si proper spanish?

No creo que si... = I do not believe if... No creo que sí = I do not believe so. Creo que no. = I believe not. Both seem to be correct, proper Spanish. However, it is mor ( Full Answer )
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What does creo que you debes una fecha in English?

You is not a spanish word, and you have it right in the middle of that sentence. So here's the best I can do: "I believe that [you?] you owe a date"
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What are some acronyms of CREO?

There are quite a few acronyms based upon CREO. Civil Rights and Equal Opportunities, Commercial Real Estate Organization, and Committee on Recently Extinct Organisms are jus ( Full Answer )
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What actors and actresses appeared in Creo - 2005?

The cast of Creo - 2005 includes: Sebastian Ghioni Florencia Parra as Interviewer Federico Peretti as Interviewer Rolando Savino as Narrator