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Do crested geckos bite?

Crested geckos are not an aggressive species of gecko. They would much rather run away from a predator than to stand it's ground as a tokay gecko would or green eyed gecko. Cr (MORE)

What is water crest?

Watercress is from the Cruciferae or mustard family . Its natural habitat is Europe and Asia Minor where it grows by spring , flat banks, wet meadows and ditches. Watercress, (MORE)

What are family crests?

There is no such thing as a family crest; crests are part of the overall heraldry held by an individual (usually a man). They refer to the crest worn on top of a knight's helm (MORE)

What does A stand for in Star Trek crest?

It isn't the letter "A", although it can look like it in some renderings. During production of the original series, the producers came up with the idea that each star ship w (MORE)

What is a crest on a horse?

The crest, or what is considered the first 1/3 of the horse's topline, it the top of the neck mostly where the mane grows. It starts at the poll, the point right behind the ho (MORE)

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What is a river cresting?

  Water flows down a river in waves, just like the waves in an ocean. If it rains a lot upstream , the water down stream does not rise at the same time. The wave of water (MORE)

What is CREST syndrome?

  Answer   CREST syndrome is a particular form of a condition called scleroderma. CREST actually stands for the cardinal signs and symptoms associated with the condit (MORE)

How can you tell a boy crested gecko from a girl crested gecko?

    You must wait until they are at least 9 months old (longer for some) If they are male they will have a bump just before where the tail begins - see related links. (MORE)
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What are crests and troughs?

Crests are the top or most compressed part of the transverse or compressional wave. The troughs are the bottom part or the most spread out.
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What is a crest in anatomy?

A crest is a type of projection or ridge, most commonly found on  bones. One example is the iliac crest, which is found on the hip  bone.