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What is water crest?

Watercress is from the Cruciferae or mustard family . Its natural habitat is Europe and Asia Minor where it grows by spring , flat banks, wet meadows and ditches. Watercress, (MORE)

Why do you have family crest?

If you have a family crest, it is because some part of your ancestry had some form of noble status in a Western European country. Family crests or coats of arms started as p (MORE)

What are family crests?

There is no such thing as a family crest; crests are part of the overall heraldry held by an individual (usually a man). They refer to the crest worn on top of a knight's helm (MORE)

What is a crest on a horse?

The crest, or what is considered the first 1/3 of the horse's topline, it the top of the neck mostly where the mane grows. It starts at the poll, the point right behind the ho (MORE)

What is a river cresting?

  Water flows down a river in waves, just like the waves in an ocean. If it rains a lot upstream , the water down stream does not rise at the same time. The wave of water (MORE)

What is a school crest?

A school crest is the picture that symbolizes the school. For example, Hogwarts in Harry Potter has a crest with a snake, a badger, a lion, and an eagle.

What is CREST syndrome?

  Answer   CREST syndrome is a particular form of a condition called scleroderma. CREST actually stands for the cardinal signs and symptoms associated with the condit (MORE)
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What are crests and troughs?

Crests are the top or most compressed part of the transverse or compressional wave. The troughs are the bottom part or the most spread out.
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What is a crest in anatomy?

A crest is a type of projection or ridge, most commonly found on  bones. One example is the iliac crest, which is found on the hip  bone.