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What are patterns of crime?

Often involves the use of police statistics to determine where crime is committed, who committed it, who is victimized, and what are the major dimensions of the criminal act. (MORE)
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What is crime?

A crime is an action that one takes that breaches or violates the  law in some way. It can be from running a stop sign to robbing a  bank. In short, a crime is an illegal ac (MORE)

What are the crimes cole did in touching spirit bear chapter 1 to 6?

Well firstly Cole Matthews, Gets beat by his dad and his mom sits and does nothing about it. Cole will have to stay on this island in Alaska for a year because he beat up this (MORE)
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What is natural crime and legal crime?

  Answer   Natural crime is one that is mala in se, or wrong in itself. This means that it is known as being wrong reguardless of the circumstances. Legal crime is ma (MORE)

1 Explain how Sherlock Holmes works by using the walking stick as an example How could this process help him solve a crime?

Holmes examines something like the walking stick and tries to  figure out as much information as he can from it. As an example, he  figures out that the owner of the stick h (MORE)

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