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When your record is expungedis it deleted from your criminal record?

In Texas it does. Exungement means it's destroyed by the court and removed from databases. However they are rarely given. Unless you were arrested and not charged or get a par (MORE)

How can you get a copy of your husbands criminal record?

Criminal history records are public documents. You may go to yourlocal law enforcement agency and request a copy of it. At the mostit may cost you a small fee to cover the adm (MORE)

What does a criminal record expungement do to your record in California?

It prevents members of the general public from gaining access to information that you were convicted of a particular crime. HOWEVER - it does not prevent the courts, law enfor (MORE)

Did Cory Monteith have a criminal record?

Yes. As a teenager due to his drug and alcohol addictions, he had  run ins with the law. DUIs and disorderly conduct, not sure about  possession. He use to steal, car radios (MORE)

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