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How do you crimp a crimp bead?

  You can gently tap it with a hammer. You can purchase a Bead Crimper tool for a few dollars.
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What is crimped hair?

it's kind of when your hair is zig zaged, it happens i you put lots of small plats in your hair, or you can do it with a crimper

Did Natalie Crimp invent something?

When Natalie Crimp was 14, she invented a system for composting disposable diapers. Later she was featured on the New Zealand TV show "Let's Get Inventin" for her UV sun stick (MORE)

How To Crimp your hair?

Clean and dry hair. Apply a crimping iron for 2-3 seconds, starting and the roots and moving down until as much hair as desired has been crimped.
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How to close crimp beads?

The easiest way is buy crimping pliers. You can find them at any craft store for fairly cheap. To use them you clamp down on the bead once, turn in onto its side, and clamp do (MORE)

What is a Crimping Pliers?

Pliers with a special shape in the head (mine have 3 shapes) that compress a 'crimp' (a small metal tube) onto a wire.
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