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What is crimped hair?

it's kind of when your hair is zig zaged, it happens i you put lots of small plats in your hair, or you can do it with a crimper

What is Attempts on her life by martin crimp about?

Attempts on Her Life isn't specifically about anything. It has messages. Each separate scene is written in a naturalistic style that could make sense alone. When the scenes (MORE)
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What is a crimping tool used for?

Crimping tools are designed to connect a connector to a cable. It is used on phone cables as well as network cables. All you do is place the connector with wires into the to (MORE)

What are bead crimping pliers?

They are pliers with 2-3 rounded indents on the jaw that will crimp different sizes of bead or electrical connector.
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How To Crimp your hair?

Clean and dry hair. Apply a crimping iron for 2-3 seconds, starting and the roots and moving down until as much hair as desired has been crimped.

What rhymes with crimp?

These are all the words that I know from the back of my head. blimp, chimp, imp, limp, pimp, primp, scrimp, shrimp, skimp, wimp For what ever reason you needed to now this (MORE)

What is a Crimping Pliers?

Pliers with a special shape in the head (mine have 3 shapes) that compress a 'crimp' (a small metal tube) onto a wire.