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What is the difference between a ratchet crimping tool and a regular crimping tool?

The difference between a crimping tool and a ratchet crimping tool is that both are tools used in crimping; however the ratchet crimping tool has a mechanism that ensures the (MORE)
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Can you crimp an American girl dolls hair?

No you can not crimp American girl hair. Thier hair is coated in a soft plastic, in which and extreme heat (crimper, flat iron, curling iron, ect,) will burn and melt there ha (MORE)
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Does crimping your hair help it grow?

Yes, naturally crimping your hair helps it grow. This type of styling pulls you hair from the roots which helps the growing process. Answer: Actually, putting any kind of hea (MORE)
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What is crimped hair?

it's kind of when your hair is zig zaged, it happens i you put lots of small plats in your hair, or you can do it with a crimper
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How to close crimp beads?

The easiest way is buy crimping pliers. You can find them at any craft store for fairly cheap. To use them you clamp down on the bead once, turn in onto its side, and clamp do (MORE)
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What tool in used for crimping?

Crimping is creating a solder-less connection for electronics cabling. The tool used for this procedure is the crimping pliers, a special pair of pliers made for this very use (MORE)
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What is a pex crimp tool?

A pex crimp tool is used to remove the crimp ring without damaging the tubes or pipes. It is sold at Amazon and it is used to hold and pinch the raised part of the clamps. It (MORE)