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Who were the actors in the 1950's film Sunset Bulevard?

  Sunset Boulevard is a 1950 American film noir. Directed and co-written by Billy Wilder, it was named after the boulevard of the same name that runs through Los Angeles a (MORE)

What is a healing crisis?

  A healing crisis is simply the body mounting a fight against disease. As you begin a natural health regimn it is not uncommon to feel great for a few days then all of a (MORE)

What is crisis counseling?

  It is generally short-term counseling designed to assist people to deal with tragic events. Many believe that prompt crisis counseling can help prevent some of the long- (MORE)
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What is energy crisis?

An energy crisis occurs when a country has a great need for fuel or electricity but does not have enough of either (or both) to provide for its citizens, and as a result, ener (MORE)

Why did the nullification crisis?

The nullification crisis happened because the Congress made a law raising tariffs (taxes on imported goods). The South, thought it was more in favor of the North and did not w (MORE)

What was the Nullification Crisis?

    The Nullification Crisis was a sectional crisis during the presidency of Andrew Jackson created by the Ordinance of Nullification, an attempt by the state of South (MORE)

Why were the Moroccan crisis and the Bosnian crisis important factors?

Both contributed to the war in 1914. The Moroccan Crisis got the Germans even more annoyed. Also, Britain and Russia had decided to form an entente, after the discovery of Ger (MORE)
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What is subsistance crisis?

Subsistence crisis refers to an extreme situation where the minimum requirement of food for man is endangered. Example:- a drought like situation decreases the yield which cau (MORE)