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How do you flavor crisps?

There are various flavouring agent available in the manufacutring factories which can be used to falvour not only the crisps but nearly all sorts of food such as drinks etc.
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What is a crisp?

A crisp is a very thin slice of potato which has been fried. In the UK, "crisps" are the snack food popularly known as "potato chips" in the US.
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How do you keep apple crisp crisp?

there are several important factors in keeping apple crisps, or infact many other crisps, crispy. If making them yourselves ensure the oven is at a high enough temperature, if (MORE)
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What is the meaning of crisp in crisp set?

Crisp sets are the sets that we have used most of our life. In acrisp set, an element is either a member of the set or not. Forexample, a jelly bean belongs in the class of fo (MORE)
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Why do crisps fly?

crisps can fly because they are supercrisp beings from another planet that is magical and have supercrisp powers which consists of - fire,water,earth,air, and of course FLYING (MORE)
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Are crisps fattening?

Yes, crisps are very fattening, they are high in both fat and carbs. Limit your intake to a max of 2 bags per week if you must have them. Stay healthy Michael
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Are crisps a vegetable?

Yes, but with the oil and salt in them they aren't a very healthy vegetable.
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What is the sound of a crisp?

I presume you mean the sound of eating a crisp, which case it is a crackling sound usually with the mouthing of, and hence the sound of, "hhhhhhum", then a muffled crunching s (MORE)
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What do crisps have in them?

Crisps, (or 'chips' in north America) have the base material, usually thin potato slices and fat that it's cooked in.