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What are some criticisms of Bowlby's theory of attachment?

Here are some criticisms of Bowlby's theory of attachment. - Bowlby believed in monotropy but his critics say that children can develop multiple attachments. There is a lot (MORE)

What are some criticisms of Merton's strain theory?

It is seen to be a very general theory of crime. It is difficult to  empirically test. It works on the assumption that conformity is the  norm. It builds heavily on the work (MORE)

How do we Critically evaluate accounting theory?

\n The\ntheory can be evaluated by reference to empirical evidence, that\nis, by conducting a research to observe, collect, and analyse data \n \n\n · \n (MORE)
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What are the Criticisms of the warm bath theory?

Feminists would criticise the warm bath theory because of it is discriminating women. Nowadays, new rights, laws and legal acts have been introduced to stop discrimination of (MORE)

What are the criticisms of the theories of industrial relations?

Some of the criticisms leveled against the known theories of  industrial relations are that they do not give the same results in  every organization where they are applied. (MORE)

What are the criticisms on the theory of marxism?

I will critique three aspects of Marxism; critiques of all theories which are called Marxist would be an unending task. The material dialectic which Marx uses in his model o (MORE)

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