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The suffix of 'crit'?

The suffix crit means to separate or choose something. There areactually only a few words that use this suffix including hypocrite.
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What is the best enhancement for a high crit in aqw?

The Luck Enhancement GREATLY improves your Luck Stat,and you can get high critical hits.You can get hi crit using Rogue,Ninja,Warrior,Beta Berserker and many other class with (MORE)
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Who has the highest crits in league of legends?

I'd say Cait. or probably Ashe. Both of their passives will make their next shot really op. Well, of course you have to finish your core adc build to have the damage first. :) (MORE)
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What does the acronym CRIT stand for?

The acronym CRIT stands for Critical Hit. It is a term used by gamers for when their player gets wounded badly or is eliminated and they are out of the game.
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How do you get high crit in troll spellsmith class?

If your rank 5 you can use sigil attack.If you use sigil yourdamage get stronger if you stack it alot your damage gets highermax stack is 5 but you will losse your manna befor (MORE)