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What is crocheting?

Crochet is an art you do with a hook and any material that can be  made into a thread of various thickness. Not only is it relaxing,  thought absorbing and fun, but has the (MORE)

How do you crochet a sock?

There are free sock patterns available online and the one that is linked looks like an excellent pattern. The directions are simple and you should be able to make socks with l (MORE)

Who is the inventor of crochet?

Mademoiselle Riego de la Blanchardaire *********** No one particular person "invented" crochet, to my knowledge. The woman listed above did publish the first book of Irish (MORE)

What is the difference in crochet and interweave crochet?

Both are crochet but each use a different catalog of stitches. Crochet is what most people associate with. Single, double and treble crochet stitches are examples. Interweav (MORE)

What do you need to crochet?

What you need for to crochet is Crochet Hook Size H or bigger Next you need 100% Cotton yarn 4ply you can get some at Walmart or if you hvae a Ben Franklin Craft Store or any (MORE)

Who invented crocheting?

Crocheting started many many years ago. It began as a method to  make nets for fishing in little villages fortunate enough to be  built alongside a waterbed. As time moved o (MORE)

How do you crochet a ridge with double crochet going into single crochets?

It sounds like you want to work blo, or "back loop only". This will  produce a ridge along the row when viewed from the right side of  the work.   It is produced by work (MORE)

How do you crochet dc7tog?

Do you know how to do 2dc together?   If you do, then it is just the same thing, only seven times,  instead of two.    If you don't, the you put your hook in front (MORE)