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How do you crochet?

Check your local library, or community center to see if they offer  classes. Also check your local yarn shop. You might consider going  to a used book store. They always hav (MORE)

What is crocheting?

Crochet is an art you do with a hook and any material that can be  made into a thread of various thickness. Not only is it relaxing,  thought absorbing and fun, but has the (MORE)

Can you crochet without a crochet hook?

You can crochet a chain stitch with your fingers, but doing other stitches will be impossible unless your work is very very loose. It is technically possible to crochet with a (MORE)

What is the difference in crochet and interweave crochet?

Both are crochet but each use a different catalog of stitches. Crochet is what most people associate with. Single, double and treble crochet stitches are examples. Interweav (MORE)

Can you crochet without crocheting needle?

If you mean do you have to purchase a crochet hook, no you don't. You can make your own. You CAN make a chain without a crochet hook, just using your fingers (just did it myse (MORE)

How do you crochet letters into a crochet afghan?

If you mean worked into the afghan, this involves some planning. You would get or make a chart of the letters you want to include. I assume they would in a different color tha (MORE)

How do you crochet a ridge with double crochet going into single crochets?

It sounds like you want to work blo, or "back loop only". This will  produce a ridge along the row when viewed from the right side of  the work.   It is produced by work (MORE)