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What is the definition of half-crocked?

half-crocked means half-drunk You may also mean HALF COCKED, which means to do something hurriedly. Think of a pistol -- to go off half cocked means it wasn't fully ready.
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Where does the expression That's a crock come from?

One possibility: There was a Crock Motor Co. in Cuyahog Falls, OH.  It was unknown- and sometimes argued over- whether they ever built  a car. The phrase "That's a Crock" ca (MORE)

Is a crock pot a slow cooker?

a crock pot and slow cooker are very similar. They both cook slowly  but a crock pot usually has a removable insert which makes it great  for serving at the table and cleanu (MORE)
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Can you make spaghetti in a crock pot?

You can cook the sauce in a crock pot. You will need to boil water  (which a crock pot does not do) for the noodles. If you have a  coffee maker, you can get the water hot e (MORE)