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Do you put water under the crock when you use a crock-pot?

I asked this question myself and every answer I find on the internet is mistaken. So many morons think you are asking if you put water in with the food and start spouting out (MORE)
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Where do you get a crock on faunasphere?

in the swamp area in mire knoll you can get the goal but u need to have it unlocked and u need to be heatproof when u get the goal he will give u the idea and the Chillstone a (MORE)
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What is a whiskey crock from Wyoming worth?

Wyoming crock whiskey jugs are pretty rare in general. The only common ones are the Oak Liquor from Evanston and the J. J. Carollo from Diamondville. The price range for a min (MORE)

How do you spell crocked?

The likely word is "crooked" (not straight, or dishonest). The similar word is the noun crock, a container.
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